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For top quality Dry Cleaning and Tailoring and Shirt Laundry services, Geeves is unmatched. Every item is inspected for stains, cleaned and hand finished under one roof by careful, well trained staff who are experts in the most advanced dry cleaning and laundry services.

Geeves offers Bristol's finest hand finished shirt service, with each shirt laundered, starched and pressed to your satisfaction.  We aim to satisfy all your needs for maintaining your garments in tip top order.

We are specialists in dry cleaning wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear, silks, woollens and business suits as well as general day wear.

Our spring cleaning service will look after all your household items such as curtains, drapes, net curtains, seat covers and most types of laundry including duvets and bed linen. 

Our repairs and alterations service can provide you with quality repairs. Our experience tailors and seamstress are ready to assist.

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Gents Wear

Geeves has been providing dry cleaning services for more than 30 years and to the satisfaction of all of our customers. Gents wear and dinner suits are hand finished and carefully inspected for stains and every effort is then used to provide a perfect service.

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Bridal Gown Service

Your wedding dress is a sentimental part of you. We provide a caring and thorough cleaning service as well as offering full packing service using acid free tissue and a sturdy box for safe keeping if required. Bridesmaid dresses are one of our favourite items to deal with.

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Household Laundry

Most types of household items can be cared for whether it is seat covers or curtains that need either dry cleaning or laundering we will provide a complete service for you to maintain the comfort, style and shape. Duvet, feather down pillows and cushions laundry service and everyday service washing are also offered.

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Ladies Wear

Evening wear often requires that extra special attention due to the delicate fabric or colour. Our staff are specially trained to identify any problems and use their specialist knowledge to provide the best possible service.

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Repairs & Alterations

Our highly skilled tailor and seamstress are available to provide a full alteration service to ensure your clothes always fit to perfection enabling you to have all your clothes fitting well.

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Commercial Service

Our services can cater to all laundry, dry cleaning and ironing needs of your organisation. Our existing customers are hotels, short terms rentals, schools, offices, spa, salons and sports clubs. Wasting time and resources sending a colleague to do the laundry? Get in touch and see how we provide convenience to your business. We are here to help!

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