About Geeves

With more than 30 years since it was established, this family owned business aims to provide you with the best service and quality for all your Dry Cleaning, Household & Shirt laundry, Wedding and Prom dresses, Repairs & Alterations for all your garments.

Feel free to drop off your laundry or shirts to let us do the ironing and pressing and save you lots of time.

We have built a thriving business in Bristol because we always strive to provide satisfaction for our customers.

We believe that Geeves has such a high reputation because of the quality of service it offers. We employ a team of specialist pressers, tailors, seamstresses and shop assistants each of whom have many years experience in this field.

What makes us different is the time we spend on finishing each item of clothing and our commitment to listen to our customers. This is one if the reasons we consider ourselves as Specialists Wedding and Bridesmaid dress cleaner.

We like to feel that the customer gets added satisfaction, as every item we clean is hand-finished in the traditional manner using specialist steam presses for that extra special finish to our clients garments. It is important to us that the finished garment is treated professionally and the end product looks just right.

Our Repairs & Alterations service is in great demand to assist you with a better fitting garment.

We offer Dry Cleaning as well as laundry collection and delivery service for the hotels and restaurants, sports clubs, spa and saloons, clinics and dental practices, B&Bs and Short term rentals.

Full payment for Dry Cleaning in advance required. Go to our web collection service and log in today to experience our service today.

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